Laser Gun Pro Laser Cire Gashi na gashi
€ 200,00€ 89,95

Yanzu Kawai

€ 200,00€ 89,95

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Tim hollan

From UK

abu mai ban mamaki

On to the 5th treatment, so excited! Can hardly wait till my legs are smooth n hairless.
MENS this product is a little piece of heaven in your palms, the answer to all your prayers.  

(A Go Bundle (Laser Gun Pro + Mini Shaver)


€ 260,00€ 119,95

Yanzu Kawai

€ 260,00€ 119,95

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Rose Roise

From USA

good for health and skin.

I am very happy with this product never used anything like it.
after a month of using this product my hair started to grow back less each time, I’m super thrilled at this product because I’m so hairy under my arms before using this and now it’s so much better, cannot praise this product enough, best money used.  


Our amazing customer talk about it on over the world

(A Go Bundle (Laser Gun Pro + Mini Shaver)


Resultsungiyar sakamako mai kwazo  
90-days Gwanin dawo da kudi

Certification Allows product to be commercialized worldwide

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    •                 90-days Gwanin dawo da kudi
    •                 Resultsungiyar sakamako mai kwazo
      •      Yin aikin kyauta na rayuwa
      •      Garantin Watan 12
      •      Flash window size -372mm²   
      •      Rayuwa 500,000 walƙiya 
      •     Energy level 5.5 J/cm²  max
      •     Zango  1200 nm max


Both Laser Gun Pro and laser hair removal uses light, and in turn heat, to destroy the hair from the root. The main difference between Laser Gun Pro hair removal and laser hair removal is the light spectrum used. Laser Gun Pro uses a wide range of wavelengths of light to produce a single white flash, whereas lasers use one wavelength of light which creates a single beam.

Yes, we do! We have absolute confidence in providing you with the best at-home  Laser Gun Pro Hair Removal Handset in the world. That’s why we’re proud to offer our day 90-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. 

All handsets come with a 12 month warranty, that covers any manufacturer faults. If you are having any issues regarding your handset, please contact us at

One of the biggest advantages of Laser Gun Pro over other types of laser is that it is far less painful. Most customers explain the feeling as a warm sensation on the skin.

Our handsets have been designed to be suitable for at home use, so is gentle on skin. This means that is suitable for sensitive skin types too!

Yaya tsawon lokacin da zan dauka kafin in fara ganin sakamako?

Most customers begin to notice a reduction of hair after just 3-4 treatments, with complete results after 12 treatments. However, results vary from person to person.  

Is it normal for there to be a slight burning smell when using the handset?  

  • Yes, this is completely normal. As the light energy is heating the hair, you may smell a slight burning but this just means there may be some hairs that have not been shaved. Please ensure that you have prepped the skin correctly, and that the skin is completely shaved before starting your session.